X-Key 25 USB Demo MIDI Controller Keyboard

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This DEMO unit has been opened and used in a demonstration, and then re-boxed.  Tested and working, as good as new.

X-Key 25 is a USB MIDI controller keyboard.  Xkey has 25 full sized velocity sensitive keys and with it's Octave UP and DOWN button can output notes over the full 127 note range. 

Easily connect to a MAC or PC, or with an optional camera adapter from Apple, you can connect X-Key to iPad or iPhone.

X-Key 25 comes with it's USB connection cable.  

Sleek and gorgeous. The X-Key 25 fits easily on your desk, your lap, or in your carry-on bag.  This is the most convenient note entry keyboard we've ever seen.


In More detail:

The CME-Pro XKey 25-Key USB MIDI Music Keyboard is a portable USB bus-powered plug-and-play music keyboard for connecting to your Mac, PC, iOS, or Android device. The keyboard features 25 full-size keys in a traditional layout within a slim molded aluminum frame. Each key is connected to a velocity sensitive pressure sensor that can transmit 128 levels of programmable MIDI data with polyphonic aftertouch control. This allows for more expressive and realistic playing techniques. The side of the keyboard includes a row of buttons for pitch-bending notes up to 16,000 steps, a touch sensitive button that emulates a modulation wheel, sustain controls, and controls for shifting the keyboard up or down in one octave increments. Using the Xkey Plus iPad application from the Apple App store, you can customize the controller by programming MIDI assignments to the keys and setting up to four user-defined velocity curves. Once configured, these settings can be saved to non-volatile memory within the keyboard and retained for future use.

CME Xkey Ultra-slim USB Controller Keyboard Features:
- An ultra-slim and full-featured MIDI controller keyboard you can take anywhere
- Precision cut aluminum frame provides natural key separation for 25 full-sized keys
- Key design depresses evenly for added playability
- Advanced sensing technology provides 128 levels of velocity sensitivity and full polyphonic aftertouch
- High-resolution pitch bend modulation buttons utilize continuous MIDI control data
- Octave up and down buttons give you access to an extended note range
- Fully USB bus powered and firmware updatable via USB
- Small enough to fit in virtually any backpack, laptop case, or midsize iPad case
- Class-compliant USB provides full plug-and-play compatibility with most operating systems, including iOS (via the Apple Camera Connection Kit)