Wireless Bluetooth MIDI - Xvive MD1

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Wireless bluetooth MIDI with only 3ms delay, the Xvive MD1 is a must have for people who want solid wireless MIDI connection for their midi keyboards and devices that have a 5 pin midi connection.  The MD1 is perfect for:

  • Connect midi keyboard to computer with no cable
  • Connect midi keyboard to iPhone or iPad to record and play
  • Connect Midi device to effects pedal with no cable
  • Connect Keytar to computer to play sounds or record 

If you have 2 MD1 sets you can connect older style midi devices to each other wirelessly eg  connect midi keyboard to sound module - like, Have your modules in a rack side of stage, and connect your onstage keyboard / controller without midi cable.

Please check out these videos to see how useful your MD1 will be. 

Video 1. Overview of the MD1 + 3 videos

Video 2. Connecting your Keyboard to a Computer

Video 3. Connecting your keyboard to an iPhone or iPad

 Video 4. Connecting Keyboard to modules etc